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SUZEE WATERS BENJAMIN (SUCHI) grew up in a family where art and music were second nature. She learned to sing harmony with her two sisters and appreciate jazz, blues, gospel, and theatre from her parents. Learning about the "finer things in life" translated as "creative expression." She discovered the guitar while in college learning to play soul music which to Suzee meant music from the heart and songs with a message no matter what genre.

Suzee was a reluctant performer until fate pushed her on to center stage and the next thing she knew she was fronting the Suzee Waters Band playing the club circuit in Texas. In the early 80's, Suzee made her way to Nashville,TN with two members of her band in hopes of landing some session work as a singer in Nashville's recording studios. Little did she know that within a few months after arriving in Music City, she would not only find her soul community amongst the eclectic mix of some of Nashville's finest singer/songwriters, but also her soulmate, Tom Benjamin. Together, they formed the Benjamin Waters Band recording for Crazy Mama Records while playing clubs and later writing for Branch Creek Music. She spent years in Nashville studios singing for music publishers and record labels while fine tuning her talents as a singer/songwriter supported by her peers. "In Nashville, I learned to truly appreciate the power of a song from songwriters who were musical poets with hearts that could listen and souls that could understand."

As an independent artist on SOULO RECORDS, Suzee expressed the essence of her spirit in the recording, THE WATERS EDGE, taking the listener on a musical journey of truth and healing. Produced by Kirby Shelstad, musician and percussionist extraordinaire, this collaborative effort between two kindred spirits speaks to the heart and soul with a unique blend of traditional and ethic sounds deeply rooted in the rhythms of the earth.  As a singer/songwriter, Benjamin calls for a return to simple concerns, a gratitude for life's abundance, and an awareness of the basic responsibilities we all share for each other and our earth.

Benjamin’s voice and music was showcased with ten other internationally acclaimed female artists with the 2005 release of HEART OF INNOCENCE produced by Lloyd Barde of Backroad Music. HEART OF INNOCENCE celebrates the time-honored tradition of writing songs of a personal nature, with lyrics that affect people’s lives in a positive way.

In the Fall of 2011, Suchi returned to Kirby Shelstad’s Nashville studio to collaborate on another soulful musical journey of transformation for a 2012 release, STEP INTO THE LIGHTGetting back to her southern roots with music she describes as “Organic Soul Music,” Benjamin offers her listeners original songs that are earthy, honest, and uplifting accompanied by some of Music City’s finest musicians.  Songs that call upon the power of unconditional love; the love that shines a constant light upon a long dark road that tests us and inspires us to  STEP INTO THE LIGHT.

As a multifaceted visionary artist, Benjamin has co-created a diverse palette of expression as a singer, songwriter, painter, ceramicist, healing arts practitioner, and arts educator. The theme that runs through all forms of her creative process is “transformation.”  Suchi’s music expresses universal truths cut from plain spoken cloth. She’s about hope in the face of despair, truth in the face of deception, and trust in the power of love.  Truly  ART & MUSIC for your  SOUL!

© copyright 2008  Suchi WB

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