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After  25+ years of dedication to clay as my art form as a ceramicist, it felt like time to revisit some of the vessels I co-created over the years.  When converting old slides into digital images to share on my website, I had a chance to rediscover a body of work that still holds beauty, inspiration, and fascination for me.  My love affair with clay began in the 70‘s as an art student at the Univ. of Colorado, Boulder, and that passion continued until my move to Maui, Hawaii in 1999.  Clay was my centering practice, my grounding into Mother Earth through a hands-on intimate and creative relationship with the elements.  The countless hours and backbreaking labor I spent refining the primitive firing process associated with one-of-a-kind Raku vessels, ultimately, rendered gracefully elegant forms richly imprinted by the effects of carbon smoke and organic materials.  Over two decades, my ceramics were displayed in so many galleries, shows, and exhibits that I have no idea who ended up with most of these vessels.  However, I sincerely hope they are being enjoyed and treasured as well-crafted and soulfully created art forms.  If any of these pieces are in your collection, it would be fun to hear from you.......Suzee / Suchi

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